Posthuman Theater is the international project that Gekidan Kaitaisha has been deployed since 2011 along with Teatr Cinema (Theatre Cinema) which is famous worldwide as representative of Polish contemporary theater. This time, which is the 4th time, consists of continuous performances of works by both companies and lecture/talk sessions. please come and visit this project which pursue the body and gesture that "post human" will bring.

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Teatr Cinema

NICE, 14. Ⅶ

The spectacle is a response to absurd terrorist attack from the 14 July 2016 in Nice.
Manifesto of helplessness. Hospitalization of wrath.

  • ■Concept, Direction:
    • Zbigniew Szumski
  • ■Performers, Staff:
    • Iza Terek-Jopkiewicz
    • Katarzyna Kozyra
    • Jolanta Krukowska
    • Anna Krych
    • Katarzyna Rotkiewicz-Szumska
    • Irad Mazliah
    • Tadeusz Rybicki

Gekidan Kaitaisha

Prehuman Show

  • ■Artistic Director: Shimizu Shinjin
  • ■Performers:
    • Kumamoto Kenjiro
    • Hino Hiruko
    • Aota Reiko
    • Ishii Yasuji
    • Yabe Kumiko
    • Moli Ayaka
    • Morisawa Yuichiro  (Peachum Company)
    • Sugiura Chizuko  (Radomama produce)

  • ■Staff
  • [Choreography] Hino Hiruko
  • [LX] Kawai Naoki/ Anbiru
  • [Technical manager] Suzuki Kosuke
  • [Flyer Design] Studio Terry “overground”
  • [Company Manager] Morisawa Yuichiro
2018. Nov.2 [Fri.]・3 [Sat.]・4 [Sun.]Doors Open18: 45, Start 19: 00
※The reception start is 30 minutes before the opening and the door open is 15 minutes before the opening.
※On the structure of the theatre, you may not be able to enter the theatre after opening. Please come as soon as possible.
Lecture・Panel Session ※after Performance
11.2 [Fri.]/Lecture・ExhibitionZbigniew Szumski
11.3 [Sat.]/Panel SessionTeatr Cinema × Gekidan KaitaishaGuest: Takahashi HiroYuki (theatre critic)
11.4 [Sun.]/Panel SessionTeatr Cinema × Gekidan KaitaishaGuest: Otori Hidenaga (theatre critic)
Interpreter:Krzysztof Żabko-PotopowiczKuyama Koichi
¥ 3,000
※Because of the schedule, the number of seats is very limited. Please be sure to reserve as soon as possible.
・Phone/Fax: 03-6674-1290 (Kaitaisha)
Gekidan Kaitaisha, Teatr Cinema




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