Through the series of 'The Century of Céline', Gekidan Kaitaisha has worked on 'the theatre of testimony', focusing on the style /body /music /nerve /live-human(jin-tai) which belongs to the scapegoat of 20th century itself, Louis-Ferdinand Céline. In this work, starting from "Bagatelle pour un Massacre", which is Celine's deranging anti-semitism pamphlet, we will construct the piece in which the other various abominable testimonies go thorough. The live-human which the language rejects and where the affirmative testimonies are absolutely inevitable. Now the denial of "the Century of Celine" going on, the loud laughter of massacre is echoing here. We are waiting for your visit toward these live-human-language, which is brutally laughing at the center of 21th century's trench.

  • ■Artistic Director: Shimizu Shinjin
  • ■Performers:
    • Kumamoto Kenjiro
    • Hino Hiruko
    • Nakajima Miyuki
    • Aota Reiko
    • Jonathan Giles Garner
    • Ishii Yasuji
    • Yabe Kumiko
    • Moli Ayaka
    • Hirachi Yasuhiro
    • Morisawa Yuichiro  (Peachum Company)
    • Alexandra Rutter  (Whole Hog Theatre, UK)
    • Sugiura Chizuko  (Radomama produce)
  • ■Staff
    • [Choreography] Hino Hiruko
    • [LX] Kawai Naoki/ Anbiru
    • [Sound] Jonathan Giles Garner
    • [Technical manager] Suzuki Kosuke
    • [Flyer Design] Studio Terry “overground”
    • [Company Manager] Morisawa Yuichiro
    • [Produce] Gekidan KAITAISHA
2018. Mar.22 [Thurs.]・23 [Fri.]・24 [Sat.]29 [Thurs.]・30[Fri.]・31[Sat.]Doors Open19: 45, Start 20: 00
※The reception start is 30 minutes before the opening and the door open is 15 minutes before the opening.
※On the structure of the theatre, you may not be able to enter the theatre after opening. Please come as soon as possible.
Sanaizaka Studio (Ichigaya, Tokyo)LinkIcon
¥ 3,000
※Because of the schedule, the number of seats is very limited. Please be sure to reserve as soon as possible.
・Phone/Fax:03-6674-1290 (Kaitaisha)